Brett Kavanaugh Hearing: Alyssa Milano Warned to Stop Filming Proceedings

An officer is seen telling the "Charmed" star to stop filming Kavanaugh on her cellphone.

Alyssa Milano was seated behind Brett Kavanaugh Thursday as he gave his fiery testimony and she was asked to stop recording video of the historic event. 

She posted an image of Kavanaugh swearing in on Twitter. 

Nearly an hour later, she posted video of his testimony. 

Capitol Police told her to stop because recording video is not permitted unless you're a member of the press.

The “Who’s the Boss?” star wasn’t in the audience during the question-and-answer portion of the hearing and tweeted about it. 

On Friday morning, she cleared up rumors on social media that she had her phone taken away. She said it was not confiscated but her “Believe Women” sign was. She also confirmed Capitol Police warned her about recording video. 

Milano, one of the leaders of the #MeToo movement, spoke at a rally Friday in Washington

"[I am] completely overwhelmed," Milano told Inside Edition when asked about Kavanaugh's testimony. "I am angry."