Who Is Ashley Kavanaugh? Wife of Supreme Court Pick Standing by Her Man Amid Tumultuous Hearings

Ashley Kavanaugh met her husband in 2001 while both were working in the Bush administration.

She beamed when President Trump nominated her husband to the Supreme Court in July, but Ashley Kavanaugh could not have anticipated the controversy coming her way. 

She married Brett Kavanaugh in 2004 at a wedding attended by President George W. Bush. They met when both served in the Bush administration. She was the president's private secretary.

Their first date took place on Sept. 10, 2001. 

Three weeks ago, she and her two daughters sat with pride at the launch of the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings. When the proceedings in protests, Brett Kavanaugh protectively looked behind him to make sure his family was OK.  

She was also by his side as her husband was interviewed by Fox News this week about the allegations he is now facing. 

Ashley Kavanaugh says she is standing by her husband and has received death threats for it. 

On Thursday, she sat behind her husband in support as he testified before the committee and denied allegations of sexual assault against him.