Major Garrett Describes How President Trump Is 'Focused on Appearances' in New Book

The CBS chief White House correspondent says every day is a surprise when you're covering President Trump.

CBS Chief White House Correspondent Major Garrett is opening up about all the drama he covers in Washington in his new book.

"Mr. Trump's Wild Ride" hits bookstores Friday. 

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“Every day has the potential to be surprising,” he told Inside Edition. “That’s always true to the American presidency, but it’s never been truer in my experiences then covering Donald Trump.”

From the campaign trail to the Oval Office, Garrett says Trump has always been focused on appearances.

“Donald Trump has an aide his campaign, Brad Parscal; he now runs his election campaign," Garrett said. "Very tall guy really tall guy. Earlier in the campaign, Trump had told him, 'Don’t stand next to me because you make me look small."

Garrett believes there's one thing that will definitely be part of Trump's presidential legacy: bringing tweeting to the White House.

Donald Trump is the master of social media, the media of his time and lots of people criticize him for it, don’t understand it, are unnerved by it, and yet I think over time people are going to say for good or for ill, he was the master of that moment and that medium and because he was, that gave him a leg up politically and otherwise" he said.