Bride-to-Be Shows Off Ring on Disney's Space Mountain Just Before Steep Plunge

Sonni Nicolette was even wearing her Minnie Mouse ears.

Instead of looking scared or making a funny face, this bride-to-be took advantage of a roller coaster camera to flaunt her brand new wedding ring.

Sonni Nicolette, clad in Minnie Mouse ears, could be seen holding up her left hand and pointing to her new diamond ring in a photo taken inside the Space Mountain roller coaster in Disneyland .

“I always do something stupid or funny on the ride, so when they were about to take a picture, I was like, 'Oh I should show off my ring as a joke, it would be funny,'" Nicolette told "Luckily, the photo came out really well and the rest is history."

Her fiancé, Jordan Williams, added, "I didn't know until we saw the picture."

In fact, the pair got engaged earlier in the day when Williams surprised Nicolette in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle while asking Disneyland photographers to take their picture.

"She had no idea," Williams said. "I got down on one knee and it was like 103 degrees outside, so I burned my knee. I was like, 'Ah… will you marry me please?'"

He explained the ring belonged to his great grandmother, who recently passed away.

“On her dying bed, him and her talked and she said how she wanted me to have this ring," Nicolette said. "It’s a coincidence, I have never met her but we have the same exact birthday. It’s a really special ring to us."