Dad Recreates Disney's Fireworks Inside 7-Year-Old Daughter's Room

He said the family loves that part of the park.

A dad in Nevada recreated a scene from Disneyland inside his 7-year-old daughter’s playroom.

Lyle Coram said his daughter, Shelby, loves the theme park, but her favorite part is when fireworks erupt over the park’s castle, so he wanted to recreate if for her.

Shelby is now able to watch the Disneyland fireworks display, which mimics the one at the theme park, right in her home.

"We started with fiber optics in the ceiling and then we came up with the projector idea and fireworks on the ceiling," Coram told

The dad first came up with the idea two years ago, and the family has been adding to it ever since. It took about three months to build initially.

But every time the family visits the theme park, they come up with more ideas for the room.

The projector also creates other effects, like snow, Coram said. 

When he first revealed the new addition to Shelby, Coram said she was shocked.

"She was really surprised. She just laid on the floor on watched them all day," Coram said.