Service Dog Atlas Meets Pluto During Trip to Disney World

Atlas, a golden retriever, even has a stuffed Pluto toy at home.

A service dog’s trip to Disney World was complete when he got to meet Pluto in real life.

Atlas, a service dog from Sarasota, Fla., was overjoyed as he came nose-to-nose with Mickey Mouse’s canine companion during a weekly trip to Disney World with his owner, 22-year-old Julien Gavino.

"We usually go to Disney once a week — we’re annual pass holders — but haven’t gotten around to Atlas meeting Pluto yet,” Gavino told “We saw him outside so we ran over."

Atlas even has a stuffed Pluto at home, which made him more excited to meet the life-sized version over the weekend.

“I love to see him have fun,” Gavino said. “Some days, he works long hours, so it’s important for him to get to do this kind of stuff.”

Gavino, a college student at USF Sarasota, said he got Atlas in November to help him navigate life with his disability. He was born with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare condition that affects the skin, joints and blood vessel walls.

He said he is planning to become an occupational therapist after graduation and hopes to raise awareness for service dogs and people battling chronic illness.