Bride Becomes Fourth Woman in Her Family to Wear 86-Year-Old Wedding Dress

The dress was made in 1931.

A cream-colored silk wedding gown has been worn by four brides within the same family, passed down from one generation to the next for each woman's big day. 

Pilar Koussaf is the latest to don the dress, having just tied the knot. 

"I tried it on and it fit me like a glove,"  she told Inside Edition. "And I knew right then that it was the one."

The ceremony comes 86 years after her great-grandmother, Maria, made the dress by hand for her own big day in 1931. 

The dress skipped a generation when Maria’s daughter, Anita, chose not to wear the gown when she walked down the aisle in 1957.

"I tried it on but I didn't fill it out so I couldn't wear it so my mother made me a wedding dress,” she said. 

It would be another 50 years before the original dress was worn again, this time by great-granddaughter, Marta. 

"It fit perfectly, perfectly," she said. "When you have the dress on, you just want to feel it, I mean besides what it looks like, the fabric is just very satiny and silky, I wanted to wear it immediately."

Another granddaughter, Elena, kept up the family tradition.

"You walk down the aisle and you're glowing — you're just a star when you have it on, and it's beautiful and it's sexy but sophisticated and classy and classic — it's just a beautiful dress,” she said. 

Maria, who they all called "Grande," passed away in 2009 at age 98.

"I know Grande is looking down and is thrilled the dress has been worn by so many family members and has gotten so much attention,” Pilar Koussaf added. 

They say Elena's teenage daughters have both already put claims on the dress for their future weddings.