Britain’s Oldest Twins Say Drinking Gin Helped Them See 102 Years Old

Everyone always wants to know what the key is to reaching 100 years old.

Everyone always wants to know what the key is to reaching 100 years old.

Twins Phyllis Jones and Irene Crump, both 102, said it's throwing a few back. "I used to love a drink. I enjoy a drink of anybody. I don't like one drink, I like two or three. I used to love a Guinness. Every night I had a Guinness,” Crump said.

Jones and Crump are said to be Britain's oldest twins, but they certainly don't look it.

Born in 1916 — to say they've seen it all is almost an understatement.

They've lived through 20 prime ministers, four reigning monarchs and two world wars.

Crump said the pair still feel sprightly.

"We can't grasp that we are 102 because we don't feel it," she said. "We got no rheumatism, arthritis,  I mean, we're very lucky in that way."

The pair live together. Home attendants and their children pay them visits to check on them.

They celebrated 102 on Nov. 20, surrounded by family, cake, cards and non-alcoholic gin, so it wouldn’t affect their medication.

When they reached 100, they even got a card from the Queen of England herself.

The next one won't come until they reach 105. If they continue to take their own advice, their family thinks they'll see it. The twins noted that eating well and exercise also helped them out, proving in this case — mothers know best.