British Woman Sobs as She Hears Her Late Grandmother's Voice in a Build-A-Bear

Lauren Doyle had just lost her grandmother when she was given a gift that reduced her to tears.

A British woman grieving the loss of her grandmother got a gift from beyond the grave that reduced her to sobs.

Lauren Doyle, 22, was recovering from sepsis, which she contracted after a recent surgery, as well as feeling bereft over the death of her nana.

Her best friend stopped by with a gift, and recorded her reaction with a cellphone.

“I had no idea what was going on,” Doyle said. “Once I saw the box, I knew it was from Build-A-Bear … but other than that, I had no idea.”

The bear was dressed head-to-toe in red, the favorite color of her 73-year-old nana, Barbara Kinnell, who died just two days after Christmas. Then she saw the bear’s “birth certificate,” which indicated the stuffed animal’s name was “Babbylicious,” the nickname Doyle bestowed upon her granny.

Friend Carlita Pounder told Doyle to press the bear’s paw.

“I wondered what the hell she was on about, but as soon as I did I knew straight away it was my nana’s voice.”

And that’s when Doyle lost it. She covered her face with her hands and sobbed out loud.

Her grandmother’s voice came from a recent phone message.

“Just calling to see if you’re OK, pet. I’ll give you a ring later on. Ta-ra, love. Love you, bye.

Doyle said hearing that simple voice mail was pure wonderment.

“It was overwhelming to know someone had done that for me and named a bear after her,” the granddaughter said.