Bus-ted! 4 Men Caught Trying to Cross Vehicles-Only Bridge Dressed as Bus

The Golden Bridge in Russia does not allow pedestrians to cross.

In an attempt to cross a vehicles-only bridge in Russia, four men turned to a unique disguise: A bus costume.

The men, lined up under the large yellow bus outfit, were spotted walking across the busy Golden Bridge in the Russian city of Vladivostok. However, they didn’t get very far before getting in trouble.

The endeavor was caught on film by a driver on the bridge, who called the bus costume “beautiful” and “art.”

In the video, the bus costume, along with eight legs, becomes visible and traffic appears to slow down behind it. Then, a guard approaches the group of masked pedestrians, quickly guiding them to turn around.

The bridge was built in 2012 and prohibits pedestrians to cross it even though is it the shortest way to get into the city center.