Old Bridge Seen Buckling Under Weight of Bus in Arkansas

The bridge was later shut down for inspections.

It was a terrifying moment as a bus crossed a bridge in Arkansas, causing the old structure bend under the vehicle's weight. 

It happened Saturday on the Beaver Bridge in Holiday Island, a historic landmark known as the Golden Gate of the Ozarks.

The 75-year-old one-lane bridge has a weight limit of ten tons. The bus weighed more than three times that amount.  

Video of the incident was recorded by shocked drivers who could only stare in horror. 

Other drivers honked to warn the driver of the risk, but there was no turning back. The structure was seen buckling slightly as the bus made its way across.

Fortunately, it reached the other side safely.

After the video surfaced, the Arkansas Department of Transportation closed the bridge for structural inspections. It was later deemed safe to cross and reopened Thursday.