Texas Mom Chases Son, Beats Him With Belt After He Takes Family's BMW and Goes on Joyride

Aaron Martinez, 14, was able to sneak out after disabling the home Wi-Fi.

One Texas mom gave chase after her BMW was taken for a joyride by her teenage son.

Aaron Martinez, 14, has been dubbed the "El Paso Ferris Bueller" after he hatched a plan to sneak out of his Texas home by turning off the Wi-Fi.

"At that point it blocks out my cameras, my home security, I don't see when the doors are being opened and closed,” his mom, Lisa, told Inside Edition. 

Lisa was at work, unaware that Aaron had left in the car to pick up his friend.

That friend's mom found out and contacted Lisa.

"I immediately called my daughter and I told her, ‘Go outside and see if my car is there,' and she said, 'It's not there,'" Lisa recalled. 

Lisa sped home and picked up her daughter, Liza, who recorded the whole ordeal and posted it on social media.

They quickly tracked him down at a nearby intersection and Lisa screamed for her son to pull over. 

Once he stopped, Lisa hopped out to teach him a lesson, disciplining him right there on the side of the road with a belt.

"It’s my son's well-being, his livelihood, his best friend's well-being, not to mention all the other people on the roadways,” Lisa said. 

As a result, her son may think twice before pulling a stunt like that again.

"I deserved it," he told Inside Edition. "I made a bad choice and I won't do it again."

It was not the first time Aaron took one of his parents' cars, so he's grounded till further notice. His mom also took his door off its hinges and confiscated his electronics.