Florida Girl, 11, Charged With Snatching Dog From Neighbor's Yard

Despite the crime, the dog's owner does not want the girl to see any jail time.

An 11-year-old girl in Florida has been charged with stealing neighbor's dog in an act that was caught on camera

Reba, a Vizsla breed, is valued at $1,500, and her owner, Danielle Kruid, says the dog was in the front yard last month in Deltona, when she was taken.

Kruid’s doorbell camera caught the young girl petting Reba.

Another camera showed the girl removing the dog's shock collar and putting her own leash on the pup.

“She had treats, she was kind of feeding her and bending down and petting her," Kruid told Inside Edition. "Reba then thought, 'Oh I’m going for a walk’ and walked right off with her." 

Kruid posted the video on Facebook, asking for help in identifying the youngster.

"My kids cried," she said. "My husband even cried."

Kruid's neighbor, Mark DiBacco, later contacted the family to say he also had surveillance video of the girl, first walking one way and then walking back with a dog on a leash.

“They were in tears when they were over here and they saw the video of her walking the dog down the street,” he told Inside Edition. 

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office says the 11-year-old was "placed under arrest for grand theft."

Cops say "she took the dog because she loves animals."

Reba is now back with her owners.

“Never was it my intent to hurt the little girl,” Kruid said. “I don't want to see her do jail time. She needs to know at 11 years old this is the consequence."

The girl has been charged as a juvenile.