Buying Groceries in Bulk While Sheltering in Place Amid Coronavirus? Here's How to Keep Them All Fresh

Spreading butter on cheese is just one of the ways to keep food lasting longer.

Many Americans are shopping in bulk to avoid multiple trips to the store as the coronavirus continues to spread, but how do you make all that food last? Julie Hartigan, of Cooking With Julie, shared some tips for anyone looking to keep their food fresher for longer.

To keep cheese from molding too quickly, Hartigan suggested coating it with butter.

“The fat in the butter is going to form a coating to keep the air from going in,” Hartigan explained. “Cover the whole surface and then wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and it should keep the air away.”

Milk should never be kept in the refrigerator door, she said. “This is actually the warmest part of the refrigerator. Milk should always be kept in the back of the fridge,” Hartigan explained.

To keep asparagus crisp, Hartigan suggests trimming the ends and standing them in a jar of water. “You can treat it like a little flower in a way that needs water,” she said.  

Banana stems can be wrapped in aluminum foil to slow the ripening process.

Meat, fresh fruit and baked goods like cookies can be kept in the freezer. “You don’t have to eat them all at once.”