California Dad Fatally Struck by Car After Helping Ducks Cross Busy Street

Casey Rivara stopped traffic to help ducklings cross a busy road before being hit and killed by a car as he was returning to his vehicle.

A California dad was fatally struck by a car after helping a duck and seven ducklings cross a busy street.

Casey Rivara was caught on camera stopping traffic to help a duck and duckling cross a road. When he was returning to his vehicle, he was hit by a car and declared dead on the scene.

The car that hit Rivara was driven by a 17-year-old who remained at the site of the incident, according to police. No arrests were made and it is unlikely that the teen will face charges, authorities say.

The tragic accident has left Rivara's family and the people who witnessed it devastated.

William Wimsatt, 12, snapped photos of Rivara’s act of compassion and was there during the incident.

“What he did was amazing,” Willam tells Inside Edition. “As he walked back everyone was clapping because he had saved the ducks.”

The boy’s mother, Angela, says talking about Rivara’s kindness has helped her children deal with the tragedy.

“We were able to talk about the wonderful person that we saw and the wonderful act that he did,” Angela says.

At the scene of the accident outside Sacramento, a memorial was created set up for Rivara. Among flowers are many little duck toys.

The memorial was set up by Summer Peterson, whose son witnessed Rivara aiding the ducks and the incident that followed.

“My son wanted to pay tribute to him and throughout the last couple of days we’ve watched this memorial grow,” Peterson says.

Rivara leaves behind his wife, Angel, and two children. Rivera and Angel were high school sweethearts.

Rivera’s aunt described him as “the kindest, most amazing husband and father. Even his last act in this world was a sign of his compassion.”

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