The World's Oldest Stunt Woman: Falling Offstage During Sacha Baron Cohen BAFTA Awards Prank Was 'So Much Fun'

Sandy Gimpel's identity remained a secret until now. A decade ago she stunned celebrities in a live TV prank with Sacha Baron Cohen.

A decade ago, one of the funniest live TV moments ever occurred when comedian Sacha Baron Cohen "accidentally" pushed an elderly woman off the stage in a wheelchair during a bit at the British award show, the BAFTAs, when he accepted the Charlie Chaplin Excellence in Comedy Award.

The crowd was told that Chaplin’s last surviving costar was there to deliver the award, which was the woman in the wheelchair Baron Cohen went on to push off the stage.

But that woman wasn't Chaplin's last surviving costar. She was Sandy Gimpel, who at 83, is the world's oldest stunt woman.  

She tells Inside Edition that nobody in the audience knew what was going to happen that night.

George Clooney was right in front of me,” she says. “You know what the hardest part was after I hit the ground? I had to bite my cheeks so I wouldn't laugh.   was literally gritting my teeth, because I thought for sure I was gonna start laughing.”

Sandy and Sacha had practiced with pads on the floor but on the day of the big stunt, she didn’t use any pads.

“There couldn't be. There couldn't be,” she says. “I had on elbows and knee pads. The only thing that worried me was that the chair was going to hit me on the way down.”

In her new memoir "Stunt Lady: Falling For The Stars,” she writes about falling from the stage in a stunt that still has people cracking up.  

“This was so much fun, I can't even tell you,” she says.

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