California Family Reunited With Beloved Chihuahua That Mysteriously Wound Up in Arizona

Pumpkin couldn't have been happier.

A California family was reunited with their beloved Chihuahua named Pumpkin, after the little pooch had gone missing for two months.

After Pumpkin disappeared from her Pasadena home, chances seemed slim that she'd be easily returned since she wasn't micro-chipped.

Owner Debra Niska told KCBS the beloved family dog somehow ended up in the hands of an Arizona rescue organization and was found a state away in Phoenix with the help of some detective work.

"It took a lot of work and networking with a lot of different rescue people and a lot of friends posting it on social media, until we were finally able to track her down," Niska said.

The family showed up to LAX to claim Pumpkin, even carrying with them signs with the message "Punky is back!"

As news cameras rolled, Pumpkin couldn't have been more thrilled to be back home. And, with the family now whole again, Niska and company clearly felt the same way.