Chihuahua Curls Up With Box Containing His Late Doggy Sibling's Ashes

The touching moment brought a family to tears.

A Texas woman was brought to tears after her pet Chihuahua snuggled up with the ashes of his late doggy sibling, Bubba. 

Cheryl Copeland of West Tawakoni told that Bubba, an English bulldog, died suddenly of congestive heart failure.

It was a shock to the family. But Copeland said their Chihuahua, named Gamer, knew Bubba was sick the whole time. 

"He kept going in the kennel and giving Bubba kisses," Copeland said. "We didn't realize that he knew that something was wrong with Bubba."

After his death, the Copelands had Bubba cremated and brought his remains home. 

As they set the ashes down on the floor, Gamer curled up next to the box in a touching moment caught on camera and shared by T&T Creative Media.

"We put it on the floor and we were just amazed," Copeland said. "I mean, Gamer started just rolling on it and kissin' it."

It was a moment the Copelands will never forget.

"We look at it … he's still here with us," she said.