Dog Wearing Wedding Dress Steals the Show During Her Owner's Big Day

Gia was even wearing a veil.

A Rhode Island bride was upstaged at her own wedding when her beloved dog wore a gown and veil of her own.

As new bride Danielle Brien left the Cranston church with her husband, she was surprised to see their pup, Gia, dashing over to them.

Gia was in wedding attire of her own, a surprise orchestrated by Brien's new husband, Christopher Lucca.

“I thought it was amazing – the bride looked so surprised," said photographer Lori Ann Navarro in an interview with Caters News.

Navarro runs a pet boarding facility, Live Bark Love Pet Services, and was taking care of Gia during the wedding.

When Lucca said he wanted their pet to be involved during the big day, Navarro was happy to step in and help, dressing up Gia in her own sparkly wedding gown and veil.

“It was my first time taking a dog to surprise their owner at their wedding,” she said. “It made me think I should offer this service to all my clients getting married.”