Is There a Secret Treasure Hidden Behind Your Walls?

You'd be shocked at what some homeowners are finding in their houses.

As new generations move into houses, many homeowners have made shocking discoveries, like a safe under the floor or unwelcome guests in the walls.

In 2015, a homeowner in Phoenix lifted a loose floor tile of a home after he moved in and found a hidden safe. Inside was over $50,000 and a bottle of rare bourbon. 

A family in Boca Raton, Fla., was recently fixing a tile in their closet when they too discovered a safe. They hired a licensed locksmith to open it, and found water and a coin. 

The coin was valued at nearly $200. 

Others have made plenty of other intriguing discoveries. 

Homeowners renovating the kitchen of their Minnesota home found a time capsule from the past inside their wall. It was comprised of a handwritten ledger, 22 cents and a framed photo of a woman from the roaring 20s. 

Another couple was remodeling a home in Michigan which exposed antique books, a gemstone, and a puzzling metal artifact.

Contractors demolishing a wall in a Manhattan apartment found a long-forgotten mural by a famed artist Keith Haring which has been valued at more than a million dollars. 

But not all discoveries are forgotten relics from the past. Some are alive.

One couple found kittens which somehow got stuck behind the walls. 

In another house, a homeowner found an infestation of bees.