California Grandmother Felt 'Pure Fear' When She Was Kidnapped in Uganda

Kimberly Endicott was held captive for nearly five days.

The California grandmother kidnapped on a safari is breaking her silence.

She told “CBS This Morning” that “there's really not a way to describe what that felt like — pure fear but it almost doesn't do it justice.”

Kimberly Endicott was held captive for five days after being abducted during a tour of Uganda’s popular Queen Elizabeth National Park. 

“We're sitting there and all of the sudden four men come out of the perfectly square bush that's in front of us,” she said. 

She added they were pointing guns. Then, she said, she was grabbed and one of her kidnappers forced her to run.

“He's taking me by pants and pulling me by my pants because I guess I wasn’t going fast enough,” she recalled. 

She said he was rough with her, but it could have been worse. They eventually got to a river and “I got thrown on someone’s back and they swam across the river with me on their back.” 

Her kidnappers demanded a $500,000 ransom. She was freed after a reported $500,000 payment was made by the safari organizers.