California Teens Wearing Crop Tops Walk Out of High School in Protest of Dress Code

Inside Edition spoke to several of the protest organizers, along with school administrators.

Students at Sacramento high school protested their dress code by wearing midriff-baring tops and walking out of class. A poster announcing the move read, “in protest of the dress code assembly regarding ‘too much mid-drift’ we are all wearing crop tops :) we suggest you do too!” 

Girls wrote on their stomachs, with messages like “Am I distracting?” Even a few boys got involved. Inside Edition spoke to organizers Alexa MacMurray and Madison Holtfreter, both 17.

“They started taking people into the office and sending people home for showing too much midriff,” MacMurray said. “So then we decided to walk out of class.” 

Inside Edition also spoke to 16-year-old Evita Frick-Hisaw, who posted the now-viral TikTok showing the protest. She believes her school’s dress code is sexist. 

“Mostly girls are wearing crop tops and showing midriff, and the guys can wear tank tops and be shirtless at PE and they won’t say nothing about it,” Frick-Hisaw said.

Dr. Addie Ellis, Natomas Charter School’s student services director, said the school doesn’t call out students who have on a top that doesn’t touch their pants. 

“If it’s a sports bra? Yeah, we’re going to call it out, because that wouldn’t be appropriate for a work setting,” Ellis said.

But the students say they’re not covering up.

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