California Tow Truck Driver Unintentionally Stops High-Speed Police Chase

The tow truck driver was exiting a parking lot and became just the blockade needed to stop a chase that had reached speeds of 70 miles per hour.

Tow truck drivers often come to the rescue, but this driver became an unintentional hero after intercepting a dangerous high-speed chase taking place on Southern California streets.

It started in Boyle Heights when the driver of a white sedan hit an official California Highway Patrol vehicle, barely missing the officer. 

The driver of the white car refused to stop because, as it turns out, the driver reportedly has felony warrants out for his arrest.

For 40 minutes, the car was chased by LAPD. A tow truck driver coming out of a parking lot became just the blockade needed to stop this chase, which had reached speeds of 70 miles per hour on side streets.

“It’s not like I wanted to stop him or anything like that. I was trying to move out of the way,” the tow truck driver explained. The driver, who chose not to be identified, said he was pulling over to the left when the white car hit him.

The LAPD thanked the tow truck driver, who said he was just glad no one got seriously hurt.

The white car’s driver was taken into police custody, suspected of assault with a deadly weapon.

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