California Wildfires: Thoughtful Authorities Help Keep Pet Fish Alive After Homeowners Evacuate

Firefighters save fish
Cal Fire/Twitter

A dad told his little girl her fish was dead, but he was wrong.

At least one happy story has sprouted up among so many tales of woe coming out of California's historically destructive Carr Fire.

Cal Fire shared the unlikely tale to Twitter on Saturday when they posted a photo of a perfectly happy looking pet fish. 

"After a father informed his daughter that her fish was likely dead, both were in for quite a shock when they returned home to a well-fed fish!" read the post. 

Apparently, the dad felt he had to preemptively break it to the girl that the betta fish probably wouldn't be alive after they were forced from their home during evacuations. 

Not so. A note Cal Fire shared along with the photo of the fish shows that firefighters and area police worked together to make sure the girl came home to the plucky fish named Grant.

"Fed your fish a few sprinkles. Sorry if we weren't supposed to," read the note from Cal Fire.

Below Cal Fire's message, some thoughtful member of the Corning PD also wrote a message, even including the date and time when Grant was fed.

"Thanks CAL FIRE Engine 1489 & Corning Police Dept. for ensuring Grant was fed while his owners were evacuated due to the #CarrFire," Cal Fire tweeted.

The Carr Fire is one of multiple fires that have been raging in California in recent weeks, forcing tens of thousands from their homes and business. 

As of late Saturday, officials said the fire was still burning 190,873 acres and was 57 percent contained.