Car Sales Are Booming Amid Pandemic

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Car sales are going through the roof during the pandemic, as people stuck inside search for access to greener pastures and a safer way to get around. Tom Maoli owns a Lexus dealership in New Jersey, and said that he can’t keep up with the demand.

“They come in, they want to make a deal, and they want a car now,” he said.

One reason for the explosion in car sales is that people want to avoid public transportation, where many feel exposed to the virus. Additionally, more people are moving out of crowded cities and house hunting in the suburbs.

“I don’t want to get on a subway, because I don’t want to be breathing other people’s air. And I don’t want to get in an Uber, because I don’t know if the driver is protecting himself or whether the person prior was coughing or sneezing and the germs are still lingering in the air,” attorney Donna Marki told Inside Edition.

Marki is also among the thousands of New Yorkers house hunting in the suburbs, so she needs a new car.

“My own little cocoon, safe from the COVID world,” Marki said.

Zena Pattiello said in her case, restrictions on traveling overseas enticed her into buying a new car.

“I was going to Japan, Peru and Italy, which have all cancelled because of COVID. So I had some extra money, and I decided that I was going to get a brand new car,” Pattielo said.

Now the podiatrist commutes between home and her medical office.

“Having a new car, you know that you’ve been the only one in it — COVID free,” she said. 


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