Cash App Founder Bob Lee Involved in Underground Sex and Drugs Circle With Sister of Alleged Killer: Report

The Wall Street Journal report claims that Khazar Momeni and Bill Lee were both involved with the secretive group "The Lifestyle."

There are shocking new allegations surrounding what may have led up to tech tycoon Bob Lee's murder.

The Wall Street Journal says Lee was an active participant in an underground sex and drugs group known as "The Lifestyle" and that he was allegedly joined by the sister of the man accused of stabbing him to death.

That woman is Khazar Momeni, whose steely beauty struck observers at her brother's court appearance last month. Her husband is a prominent plastic surgeon in California.

Khazar's brother, Mimi Momeni, allegedly killed Lee because he was upset about whether there was an inappropriate relationship between Lee and his sister Khazar.

Lee is the founder of Cash App, the popular cell phone payment app.

The Journal reports that Khazar and Lee were both involved with the secretive group "The Lifestyle."

Kirsten Grind, who broke the story, says that she was shocked to learn about Lee's involvement in this group.

"I mean, he did not keep his partying and even his recreational drug use a secret, but no one was really in that really underground scene that he was in," Grind tells Inside Edition. "He was the kind of guy where everyone would go home at midnight after a few drinks and then he would be out all night until 8 a.m."

Khazar's attorney tells the Journal that there are many rumors around this case and many of them are untrue.

According to the autopsy, Lee had cocaine and the high-powered tranquilizer ketamine in his system when he was killed, but initially Lee's death was blamed on rampant lawlessness in San Francisco.

"I think I also thought probably the problems with violence and things like that had something to do with that," Grind says. "So when it was revealed that Bob Lee actually knew his killer, that was hugely surprising."

Lee's widow reportedly denies he was involved in those underground parties and said she had not heard of the term “The Lifestyle."

The suspect is due in court on Thursday, and his lawyer says he plans to plead not guilty. 

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