Jeffrey Epstein Used His JP Morgan Accounts to Send $3M to Women and Girls, Withdrew $5M in Cash: Court Docs

Jeffrey Epstein

The financial documents were submitted by Jane Doe's lawyer David Boies in his motion to certify a class against J.P. Morgan.

Jeffrey Epstein used his accounts at J.P. Morgan to transfer approximately $3 million into the accounts of over 50 women and girls, according to court records obtained by Inside Edition Digital

Those transfers all occurred between 2003 and 2013, during which time Epstein also withdrew approximately $5 million in cash, often in $40,000 intervals, according to the court documents.

These documents were submitted as exhibits in the lawsuit one Jane Doe has filed against the nation's largest bank, claiming the institution benefited from the sex trafficking ring Jeffrey Epstein ran while J.P. Morgan handled his accounts.

J.P. Morgan denies these allegations.

Epstein also transferred an additional $30.7 million to Ghislaine Maxwell from his J.P. Morgan accounts while a client with the bank, as first revealed by federal prosecutors during her trial,

These latest financial records do not name the individual recipients of Epstein's transfers, and Epstein's connections to the women and girls were not made clear through the documents. 

Jeffrey Epstein Direct Payments to Women and Girls From Epstein JPMC Accounts, 2003-2013

One record, "Direct Payments to Women and Girls From Epstein JPMC Accounts, 2003-2013," shows that one woman received $728,641.41 from Epstein over the 10-year span while another got $632,772.74. 

That same record also shows that Epstein transferred over $500,000 into the accounts of unnamed "women and girls" in 2008 and 2009, when he was serving time in a Palm Beach jail after pleading guilty to two solicitation charges, including one involving an underage female.

Approximately half of the accounts Epstein transferred money to on that record received over $10,000.

Jane Doe claims in court documents that a majority of the $5 million that Epstein withdrew in cash over that 10-year period was also used to pay women.

The details of those withdrawals, including dates and amounts, are broken down in a record labeled, "Cash Withdrawals/Direct Payments to Women and Girls From JPMC Accounts, 2003-2013."

That record shows that Epstein also withdrew $180,000 in cash while serving jail time in Palm Beach.

J.P. Morgan attempted to have the case dismissed, but earlier this month a judge ruled that it could proceed to trial.

Jeffrey Epstein Cash Withdrawals/Direct Payments to Women and Girls From JPMC Accounts, 2003-2013

The financial documents were submitted by Doe's lawyer David Boies in his motion to certify a class. Boies and his colleague Sigrid McCawley previously represented Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre in her lawsuits against Maxwell and Prince Andrew.

If the judge does certify this case as a class action, it would allow for anyone who was one of Epstein's victims between 1998 and 2013 to join the lawsuit against J.P. Morgan. A similar lawsuit is also filed against Deutsche Bank, which handled Epstein's accounts after J.P. Morgan.

Deutsche also denies any wrongdoing.

J.P. Morgan argues in multiple court documents that they are protected from these lawsuits due to the terms of the agreements signed by these women when they accepted settlements from the victims' compensation fund.

In the bank's motion to dismiss, the judge said that this argument is not strong enough to stop the case from progressing to trial but did not say that it is without merit.


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