Jeffrey Epstein Aide May Be Living in $6.3M Luxury High Rise as Virgin Islands Attorneys Try to Subpoena Her

Sarah Kellen

Sarah Kellen was among the members of Epstein's inner circle that attorneys for the U.S. Virgin Islands are looking to depose in their civil lawsuit against J.P Morgan.

A longtime aide of Jeffrey Epstein is apparently living the high life in Miami as attorneys for the U.S. Virgin Islands attempt to subpoena her, according to court documents.

Sarah Kellen Is among the members of Epstein's inner circle that attorneys for the U.S. Virgin Islands are looking to depose in their civil lawsuit against J.P Morgan, but court documents obtained by Inside Edition Digital say that all four attempts to serve her at her Miami apartment have been unsuccessful. 

Lawyers for the U.S. Virgin Islands are now asking a federal court judge if they can serve Kellen by certified mail due to the time restraints of their case, which require all depositions be completed by the end of April.

In the government’s motion, they state that Judge Alison Nathan called Kellen "a criminally responsible participant" in Epstein's enterprise while Nathan sentenced another of the pedophile's longtime aides, Ghislaine Maxwell, to 20 years in prison following her conviction on federal charges including child sex trafficking.

In those remarks, Judge Nathan also said that Kellen was "a knowing participant in the criminal conspiracy." Kellen has never been arrested or charged.

The motion for authorizing alternative service filed by lawyers for the U.S. Virgin Islands lists Kellen's address as a one-bedroom apartment on the 36th floor of a luxury Miami Beach high rise, and property records obtained by Inside Edition Digital confirm that she purchased the property in August 2021.

Those records show that Sarah Vickers [née Kellen] paid $6.3 million for the 1,970 square-foot, one-bedroom pad.

A 2,792-square-foot apartment with two bedrooms and two-and-a-half bathrooms with the same view on the 20th floor went for the same exact price in March of last year, according to property records obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

Kellen is married to former NASCAR driver Brian Vickers, who is a co-signer on the Miami property, and also owns a penthouse property in New York City's Soho neighborhood that property records show he paid just under $4.8 million for in 2007. 

Vickers later transferred ownership of that NYC apartment into an LLC that lists as its address a Palm Beach property that is located less than two miles from Epstein's former mansion and sold in April of last year for $6.225 million, according to property records.


Kellen is not a party in the J.P. Morgan case, and in the wake of the pedophile's death has claimed that she too was one of his victims. 

She was allowed to seek damages through Victims’ Compensation Program, despite a 2007 probable cause affidavit filed by police in Palm Beach that alleged she "coordinated and aided in the recruitment of minors to frequent Epstein’s house so that sexual services were provided to Epstein, scheduled said minors to return to the work for Epstein, secured their appointments for the purpose of sexual activity and lewd lascivious acts, and arranged the bedroom for said minors."

Kellen was never charged or arrested in that case as part of a non-prosecution agreement Epstein worked out as part of his now infamous sweetheart plea deal.

Kellen's deposition could prove to be a crucial piece to the lawsuit between the U.S. Virgin Islands and J.P. Morgan because she worked for Epstein from 2003 to 2013.

In its lawsuit against J.P, Morgan, the lawyers for the Virgin Islands accuse the company of funding Epstein’s enterprise by continuing to serve his account even after he entered a guilty plea in 2008 to two counts of solicitation, one of which involved a minor.

The government's motion reads, in part: "JPMorgan knowingly, recklessly, and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which Epstein's recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise."

Between 1998 and 2013, the bank "serviced approximately fifty-five Epstein-related accounts collectively worth hundreds of millions of dollars," the court document says.

J.P. Morgan has denied the allegations and has moved to have the case dismissed in court filings.

Kellen did not respond to multiple calls from Inside Edition Digital seeking confirmation that she is living in the $6.3 million Miami home she purchased in 2021 where attorneys for the Virgin Islands are attempting to serve her a subpoena. A text message to Kellen also went unanswered.

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