Cat Stuck on Telephone Pole for More than 24 Hours Becomes Internet Sensation

It's not clear if he wanted to be up there.

A cat nearly used one of his nine lives when he got "stuck" on a utility pole for at least 24 hours. 

Gypsy, the cat, reportedly climbed up the pole in Arizona and then had second thoughts about coming down. 

ABC in Phoenix decided to livestream the cat's ordeal, and it quickly went viral.

“Maybe the cat wanted to be up there, far away from the humans,” one commenter wrote jokingly on the video. 

Gypsy looked quite calm in the video.

His "owner," who said Gypsy became hers when he followed her home one day, said she didn’t know he was up there until she woke up Monday morning and saw the news station’s live stream. Gypsy is often going on adventures.

Residents tried to get Gypsy down with a bucket but he wasn’t having it.

Thankfully, a kind neighbor took a ladder and was able to get the cat down. 

"I know him well enough that he could have jumped, and knowing him he probably would have but thank goodness he didn't cause that it is kind of high for a cat," said his owner, Jenny Hardin. "When he came down I was so happy."

Hardin said it's not unusual for her to not see "Gypsy" for a week or two at a time.

He’s now free to do whatever he wants again.