Watch Out Grumpy Cat! This Feline Looks Less Than Happy to be Stuck to Icy Pond

Newton Police Department
Newton Police Department

Thankfully he was rescued.

A cat in New Hampshire was quite obviously grumpy as he waited for firefighters to rescue him from an icy pond.

Newton Firefighters rescued the cat, who’d gotten his paws frozen on the ice, from Country Pond on Thursday, and shared the story on their Facebook page.

“It did not fall through the ice but was frozen to the surface of the ice,” the Newton Police Department wrote. “The Animal Control Officer and Newton Fire Dept. brought out some warm water which we poured around the cat to melt the ice and set its paws, belly and tail free.”

Police said they think the feline laid down in the sun the day before and ended up frozen to the pond’s surface.

The cat was later transported to the New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Stratham.

“Other residents have called and said that they’ve seen the cat in the neighborhood and believe it is feral. It is non-neutered male and its fur appeared matted and un-kept,” the police department wrote.

“We’re looking for the owners simply because we won’t keep the cat forever. It will be adopted out eventually," they added.