Catherine Oxenberg Recounts Quest to Rescue Daughter From Alleged Sex Cult Known as NXIVM

Oxenberg once starred on "Dynasty," but she's now taken on a different role.

“Dynasty” actress Catherine Oxenberg is on a desperate bid to rescue her daughter, India, from what some have called a dangerous sex cult.

"Somewhere deep down, I knew this was a bogus scam," she told Inside Edition. 

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The organization, NXIVM, billed itself as a self-help group. Its leader is the charismatic Keith Raniere. 

Oxenberg was once a member, and introduced her daughter to the group. Now, she says she feels "tremendous guilt" for what happened. She got out in 2011, but India stayed.

Raniere reportedly used actress, Alison Mack, the star of TV’s "Smallville," to help him recruit other attractive young women.

Some of the women, including India, were branded like cattle with Raniere's initials using a cauterizing pen. 

"She admitted to me that she had been branded and she didn't think that it was problematic," Oxenberg said, adding that she was "really sad" when she found out.

"What have they done?" she said. "How have they spun this to make it a good thing for women to be doing to themselves and others? That was really, really hard to figure out. How do you make sense of that?" 

Oxenberg has written a book called "Captive: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult."   

Raniere and Mack were both arrested earlier this year on sex trafficking charges. That's when Oxenberg says India finally broke free.

"We are communicating again," Oxenberg said. "She has asked me to be her spokesperson. Literally, she said, 'Mom, if you are going to speak for me, I am going to give you a script.'" 

"She is moving on with her life," Oxenberg said in a statement from her daughter. "It is a complex situation, but she understands her mom’s struggle, and the people involved. She is doing really well."

The actress did not disclose India's location, but insisted her daughter was "safe." 

Raniere and Mack have pleaded not guilty to all charges against them.