CDC's Educational Graphic Involving Diarrhea Earns Some Twitter Love

Kids in a poolKids in a pool
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The CDC tweeted a graphic to promote pool health and safety, but t didn't sit well with everyone on Twitter.

The Centers for Disease Control recently shared a pool safety tip that caught the attention of many for its graphic.

The CDC urged pool-goers not to hop in if they were dealing with diarrhea this summer. 

Their tweet got a rousing response from Twitter due to its colorful graphic that mimicked a potential diarrhea-related situation on a slide. 

The article specifically pointed out cryptosporidium — an illness caused by a parasite that leads to diarrhea — and said you should avoid the pool for at least two weeks if you are experiencing a bout of it. 

In addition to the basics such as not drinking or defecating in pool water, other safety measures include ensuring a quick shower before entering a public pool and using test strips to test pH, chlorine, and bromine levels.

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