Celebrity Trick-or-Treating List Has Kids Descending on Homes En Masse

The list features celebrity homes where kids can get the best treats. But some homeowners say the list may have kids "storming" their doors.

For some celebrities the scariest thing on Halloween is a list of their home addresses that is making the rounds online. 

The list was compiled by a New Jersey real estate agent, who's dubbed it "The Celebrity Trick or Treat Tour.” She posted it on Facebook, where it’s been shared thousands of times.

Now, hundreds of kids from all over the state will head to the houses featured on the list, looking for candy. It includes street addresses for Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock, Lil’ Kim, Alicia Keys, Wesley Snipes and Stevie Wonder. 

Also on the list are rich people who are known to be generous. Robin Modell, whose family owns Modell’s Sporting Goods, gives out $5 gift cards to the store, as well as king-size candy bars, according to the list.  

"We are all upset about it, we are not really happy about it," Modell told Inside Edition. "She [the real estate agent] lists who lives in every home, what we give ... They'll be storming the doors, we're happy to give it, but it's crazy." 

Caroline Manzo from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” is also on the list and is freaking out, she said.

"We got all of these hundreds of kids, we can have one, two, five people that are not there for positive reasons and want to look around your house and you have a robbery," Manzo said.