Chefs Attempt to Make the World’s Largest Bagel With Lox and Cream Cheese

The bagel weighed more than 200 pounds.

Two New York City mainstays have joined forces in an attempt to create the world’s largest bagel in hopes of setting a new world record. 

Zucker’s Bagels and Smoked Fish linked up with Acme Smoked Fish Corp. in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn Friday to create the largest breakfast sandwich ever in celebration of National Bagel and Lox Day.

Zucker’s used 80 pounds of flour and 35 pounds of water to create the kiddie pool-sized bagel, which was crafted earlier that morning in Manhattan before it was transported to Brooklyn.

The bagel took less than an hour to fully cook after it was boiled in parts before it was tossed into the oven.

Once the bagel arrived in Brooklyn, the companies piled on 40 pounds of cream cheese, 40 pounds of salmon, 25 pounds of tomato, 25 pounds of onion and 1.5 pounds of capers to craft the final product, which weighed in at an incredible 213.75 pounds.  

The companies invited reporters and the general public to check out the behemoth bagel, and even sample a bite. 

"This is a first attempt, so we're going to kind of make it up as we go and hope for the best," Adam Caslow, co-CEO of Acme Smoked Fish told "The Guinness Book of World Records requires that we have a surveyor, an official witness, as well as a food safety specialist. There's also a zero waste policy, so while we're going to share the largest bagel and lox with our guests here today. And if there are any leftovers, we will of course share that with the local community as well.”

The officials from the Guinness Book of World Records measured the bagel and in 12-14 weeks, the creators will find out whether they are the new record holders. 

After the measurements were taken, the crowd chanted for the bagel to be cut and served. 

With enough of the bagel to go around, everyone in the crowd got a sample, and all seemed to love it. 

“It's my first bagel and lox with cream cheese in my life. I think it's great,” one attendee told

The record for the largest bagel is currently held by Bruegger's Bagels of upstate New York, and was made at the 2004 New York State Fair in Syracuse.

That bagel weighed a staggering 868 pounds.