Chicago Teen’s Remains Found in 1983 Identified as Victim of 'The Highway Killer' Larry Eyler

Newton County Coroner

Eyler was sentenced to death but died in 1994 while on death row.

Human remains of a victim known as “Adam Doe” have been identified 40 years after they were found buried on an abandoned Indiana farm in 1983.

The remains were identified as Chicago native Keith Lavell Bibbs, who was just 17 years old when he was killed by serial killer Larry Eyler, according to reports, the Newton County Coroner’s Office and the DNA Doe Project announced Monday.

Bibbs was one of many teenage boys and young men believed to have been murdered between 1982 and 1984 by Eyler, who was known as “The Highway Killer,” according to reports.

Four of Eyler's suspected victims were found in October 1983 on an abandoned farm in rural Lake Village, Indiana. One of those victims was now announced to be Bibbs, according to USA Today.  

Authorities said Bibb’s family has been informed of this development and the kin has asked for privacy while they grieve, New York Post reported.  

"This significant breakthrough comes after years of exhaustive efforts, and it brings closure to a case that has puzzled investigators and haunted families for decades," Pam Lauritzen, a spokesperson for the nonprofit DNA Doe Project, said in a press release.

The news of Bibbs’ remains finally being identified now can put closer to the four people who were found at the abandoned farm in Lake Village, Indiana.

Michael Bauer and John Bartlett were identified early in the investigation, but "Adam Doe" and "Brad Doe" remained unidentified for years. “Brad Doe” was identified as John Brandenburg, Jr in 2021, Fox 32 reported.

Authorities tied Bibbs' murder to Eyler, who confessed to killing more than 20 young men in the ’80s and ’90s. Most of the victims of the “Highway Killer” were discovered near interstates in several Midwest states, according to Fox 32.  

Eyler was sentenced to death but died in 1994 while on death row.

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