Children of Firefighter Who Died of 9/11-Related Cancer Appear on 'Shark Tank' to Pitch His Invention

There wasn't a dry eye in the room as the three children of firefighter Keith Young presented his invention, the Cup Board Pro.

It was the most emotional episode in "Shark Tank" history as three siblings pitched their late father's invention, the "Cup Board Pro."  

Christian, Keira and Kaley Young shared that as their father was first getting the prototype together, their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

They lost their mother Elizabeth in 2012. She was 47 years old.  

Their dad, Keith, a New York City firefighter, continued perfecting his cutting board with a built-in cup. He also appeared on the Food Network show "Chopped" and was a two-time champ. 

But tragedy struck the family again as Keith was diagnosed with cancer, related to the clean-up effort following the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Keith worked for months at Ground Zero following one of the nation's darkest days.

He passed away three months ago and there wasn’t a dry eye in the studio as the kids discussed their parents legacy and their father’s invention.

“Our dad’s dream was to go on ‘Shark Tank’ with this invention," Kaley told Inside Edition.  

In a rare move, each of the sharks worked together to cut a deal.   

"On the one hand obviously it is a show to invest in businesses but it is impossible to not be incredibly moved by those three. All of us had trouble getting through it," guest shark Matt Higgins told Inside Edition. 

Making a deal with the judges was huge first step, but the kids have bigger dream they think their dear dad would love: to have the cutting board in every kitchen in the country.  

The children have already sold a million units of the "Cup Board Pro" and it is currently sold out on Amazon.