Christmas Comes Early for Woman Whose Lost Handbag Was Returned by Good Samaritan

Image of a woman holding a handbag
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“Last Wednesday’s shopping trip nearly turned into a nightmare when I arrived home only to realize I didn’t have my handbag with me - oh that sinking feeling!" said Cannon.

A British woman had her day made when her lost handbag was returned by a good Samaritan. Helen Cannon did not get to meet the Good Samaritan who found her lost handbag, but hopes they are listening and will hear her heartfelt thank you. 

“Apparently a kind lady had handed it in. She didn’t give her name but whoever she is I want to thank you for being such a Good Samaritan,” Cannon, of Hastings in the United Kingdom, told The Hastings & St. Leonards Observer

Cannon, like the rest of the world, was busy shopping for holiday gifts when she realized that she had left her pocketbook behind that contained some of her most valuable assets: her iPhone, bank cards and passport. She learned this once she returned home. 

“Oh that sinking feeling,” Cannon said. "I searched the car, but nothing. I felt sick. My whole life was in there." Cannon didn't waste any time and became a sleuth, retracing her steps and revisiting all the stores she had gone to.

“I decided to go back and look, imagining my attempt would be futile. It’s Christmas and so many have experienced hardship,” she said. 

Going from store to store, she would ask security and the salespeople if anyone had turned in a handbag and as they looked, she said, she would silently pray. Things weren’t looking very promising for Cannon until one of the stores, a retailer and grocery, told her that a bag, in fact, had been found.

After security successfully matched her name to the information in the bag, her handbag was safely back in her hands and Cannon never held it so tight.

“There it was, everything intact,” she said. “I was so lucky, and just before Christmas, too.”