Christy Mirack's Students Say They Nearly Hired Her Alleged Killer as Wedding DJ

The couple still remembers their teacher and the shock of her murder.

Cops say a Pennsylvania DJ is the cold-blooded killer behind the slaying of a beloved teacher more than a quarter century ago.

Christy Mirack, 25, was found slain in 1992. The sixth-grade teacher was sexually assaulted and strangled in her home as she prepared to leave for school for the day.

The Mirack case remained unsolved until earlier this week, when police arrested Raymond Rowe, a Lancaster-based DJ.

Anita and Ryan Denlinger were students of the victim at the time of her death. They are now married and still remember their teacher and the shock of her murder. 

In a chilling coincidence, they almost hired Rowe, aka DJ Freez, to perform at their wedding, but they were told he was unavailable for their big day. 

The couple told Inside Edition it is an "eerie situation."

 Christy's brother, Vince, told Inside Edition the whole situation is “unbelievable.” 

“She was a great person, always upbeat, very bubbly, always wanted to be an elementary school teacher," he said. "That's been her dream since she was 10 years old." 

The killer's DNA was retrieved at the crime scene, but for all those years, law enforcement was unable to find a match.

"Probably between one and two thousand people have been interviewed," prosecutor Craig Stedman told Inside Edition.

But authorities say the cold case has now been solved using the same technology that led to the arrest of the accused Golden State Killer in California two months ago.

Just like the Golden State Killer suspect, cops say one of Rowe's relatives posted their DNA on an ancestry website.

Investigators say that led them to the popular DJ, who was from the area of the murder. 

Then investigators needed a DNA sample from Rowe himself to compare to what was collected from the crime scene all those years ago. They found out that he was DJing an event at an elementary school and were able to obtain his DNA from water bottles and a wad of gum.

They sent the water bottle and gum to a DNA lab, where they say it was a match for the killer. 

Rowe, 49, was arrested Monday and has been charged with Mirack's homicide.