Cicada Causes Cincinnati Man to Crash His Car Into a Pole

Image of a periodical cicada.Image of a periodical cicada.
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A man in Cincinnati swerved off the road when a cicada flew into his car window and hit him in the face.

A Cincinnati man crashed his car into a pole when a cicada hit him in the face after flying through his open car window. 

According to CNN, witnesses that were driving behind the man support his story, saying his driving was normal until the swerve that caused him to crash. 

Cicadas spend several years underground, emerging in cycles or broods. 

According to the National Park Service, the current brood, called Brood X, is presently terrorizing communities of people throughout the mid-Atlantic ands eastern regions, after spending 17 years dormant.  

Brood X is expected to die off by early July and not return again until 2038. 

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