Cincinnati Zoo Names New Penguin Chick After Quarterback Joe Burrows

Little blue penguin chick being held
Cincinnati Zoo

Cup O' Joe Burrows is 5 weeks old and will be able to meet visitors in the spring once it's warmer out.

The Cincinnati Zoo named their newest penguin chick after local football player. 

This 5-week-old little blue penguin’s name is Cup O’ Joe Burrows, after Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrows, according to a recent press release.

“The chick and the quarterback have more in common than just their obvious good looks,” said Cincinnati Zoo senior bird team keeper Aimee Owen in the release.

“This chick has been a great leader since Day 1. He’s always communicating his game plan to the entire team, and the plan is always eating and sleeping,”

“Little blue penguins and QB Burrow are both good swimmers but can’t fly, and they know how to survive in extreme environments – Arrowhead Stadium and the rocky cliffs of New Zealand.”

According to the release, visitors can see the little one once the weather gets warmer, which is when he'll be old enough to be with the rest of the little blue penguin colony this spring.

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