Classmates of Dayton Shooter Say People Were Scared of Him

Women who went to school with Connor Betts say he often made threats and didn't show empathy.

Women who knew Dayton shooter Connor Betts are saying that his classmates were scared of him. 

Aubrey Williams and Laura Wakely attended the same high school as 24-year-old Betts, who killed nine people in just 30 seconds in Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday before being gunned down by police. 

'"He got joy out of making people scared," Williams told Inside Edition. "He did make threats often, like just on a dime. It was like it didn't faze him."

Williams and Betts were in the school band together. He also was the lead singer of a pornogrind band with songs that had lyrics glorifying sexual violence. 

"He didn't have empathy with what killing somebody meant and the consequences of that," Williams said. 

Wakely said there were many warning signs that Betts was dangerous. 

"He just left an uneasy vibe with everybody that he talked to or associated with," said Wakely. 

Betts was suspended from school for creating a hit list of students he wanted to rape or murder. 

Wakely said she was shocked that he was eventually allowed to return and everyone lived in fear of him. "I think he should have been institutionalized from the get-go," she added.

Hardest for her to fathom is the fact that Betts killed his own little sister, Megan. 

"They seemed close, you know," she said.