The Clauses Come Out: SantaCon Revelers Deliver Drunken Debauchery to Cities

The annual booze-soaked event saw a number of skirmishes and long lines outside Manhattan bars.

Thousands of revelers, all donning Santa Claus outfits, took to the streets in various cities across the country Saturday.

The Santas packed the streets of San Francisco, and in New York City, the snow didn’t stop those dressed as Father Christmas.

In past years, the annual gathering has been spoiled by all-out brawls, mainly due to the astounding amount of alcohol that's consumed. 

This year was no different. There were lines around many Manhattan bars on Saturday and many of those dressed as Santa were not really the prime example to get into the festive spirit. 

A woman dressed as Mrs. Claus was spotted dirty dancing in a bar, and one Santa appeared to be passed out before 7 p.m. 

Two guys dressed as Santa Claus looked like they were ready for a fight, but the skirmish was broken up by an elf before it could escalate. 

Much of the acts of violence were reportedly at a minimum and contained.

NYPD had more cops in Midtown to ensure a safe experience for those participating and those just caught up in the mix. 

Revelers and onlookers also took to social media to post photos of the event.