Clint Eastwood Appears in Public With His Secret Daughter for the First Time

Laurie Murray, 64, was born before the actor was famous.

When Clint Eastwood celebrated the premiere of his latest movie this week, he was pictured with his "secret" daughter for the first time.

Laurie Murray, 64, was put up for adoption by her biological mother and began searching for her birth parents about 15 to 20 years ago. It was only then that she reportedly learned her father was the Hollywood legend.

After finding out he had another daughter, Eastwood, now 88, and Murray forged a close relationship. 

There had long been rumors Eastwood had a daughter who had been adopted, said Eastwood biographer Patrick McGilligan, who wrote about it in his book, “Clint: The Life and Legend.”

Murray’s biological mother apparently had a serious relationship with Eastwood when he was engaged to his first wife. The relationship ended, and when the woman found out she was pregnant, she decided to put the baby up for adoption

“I think when he discovered she was his daughter, and realized she was that person from long before … he was okay with it,” McGilligan said. 

Murray was adopted by a couple in Seattle. 

At Monday’s premiere of "The Mule" in Los Angeles, she posed for photos with Eastwood’s seven other children, her siblings. There, she reportedly gave her name to photographers as “Laurie Eastwood.” 

The actor's 22-year-old daughter, Morgan Eastwood, posted a photo of the entire brood to Instagram.

"SO RARE for all 8 Eastwood siblings to be in one room!!!" she wrote.