Coast Guard Hero Battles 6-Foot Waves to Rescue Men Stranded in Icy Atlantic

The men were found clinging onto rocks.

The Maritime & Coastguard Agency in the U.K. has released footage of a dramatic rescue that took place last week after two young men became stranded in icy seas.

As the men clung to rocks in a desperate bid to stay alive, members of HM Coastguard responded by helicopter because rough seas made it impossible for a lifeboat to reach the scene.

A brave rescuer took the plunge down to the two men as bone-chilling, 6-foot waves threatened to derail the effort near Hartland Point off the Devon coast in England.

With the men in immediate danger of being washed away, the rescuer was bashed by an unexpected wave before recovering quickly and clipping the line to the first man. The second man was sent up shortly thereafter.

"This dramatic footage clearly shows what can happen when people are cut off by the tide but also the sterling job our Winchman did in a few minutes. This rescue is about teamwork and we would like to say a big thank you to Hartland Point Coastguard Rescue Team for their spot on briefing - which saw these two young men rescued successfully," HM Coastguard helicopter Chief Pilot Olly Padbury said in a statement.

Both men were airlifted to safety and despite their ordeal required no medical attention, officials said.