Colorado Man Ends Up in Hospital After Suffering Allergic Reaction to Cold Air: Study

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A 34-year-old Colorado man nearly died after his body went into a violent allergic reaction in response to the cold air, according to a recent study. The man was triggered into anaphylaxis, suffering from hypotension and shortness of breath, after he stepped out of his shower and was exposed to the cold air, a study published by the Journal of Emergency Medicine said.

The man collapsed in his bathroom and was rushed to the emergency room for monitoring after he was having difficulty breathing, according to the Charlotte Observer.

His family told paramedics when they arrived at his home, that he had a history of being "allergic to the cold weather," the report said. He previously experienced hives as a reaction, but this was his first time going into anaphylaxis.  

Reactions to the cold weather apparently begun after he moved from tropical Micronesia, an island east of the Philippines, to Colorado.

"Cold anaphylaxis is a severe form of hypersensitivity reaction to cold temperatures," the study said. The symptoms can be "acquired" the study says, but it can also be inherited. In some cases, it can also be idiopathic, meaning it is related to a disease or condition that arises randomly.

He was diagnosed with cold urticaria, a skin reaction by reactions to cold air, objects and substances.

“Cold urticaria symptoms begin soon after the skin is exposed to a sudden drop in air temperature or to cold water,” according to the Mayo Clinic. “Damp and windy conditions may make a flare of symptoms more likely.”

Additional symptoms that can also be observed include swelling of the throat and tongue, difficulty breathing, a racing heart, swelling of limbs or torso and shock.