Connecticut Mom Wins $10,000 With Lottery Scratch-Off That Spelled Son's Name

Connecticut Lottery
Connecticut Lottery

She wants use the money toward the nonprofit she founded in his honor.

A Connecticut woman says her late son left her a final gift: A winning $10,000 lottery ticket. 

Amy Johansson, of Branford, purchased a “$100,000 Cashword 9” ticket and began scratching the ticket to reveal her son’s name – Eric.

“I started scratching and I could see my son’s name, E-R-I-C, I knew I was going to win something," Johansson told NBC 4.

As she kept going, uncovering the letters, the word "love" was spelled out as well. 

In those words was a $10,000 prize.

Her son was 24 when he died after a battle with substance abuse, the station reported. Now Johansson plans to use the cash toward the nonprofit she founded in memory of Eric, Smile Anyway.

The organization works to "educate and raise awareness" about the drug epidemic in the area.

"This prize is a tribute to my son. I feel especially blessed to be given the funds to continue to support 'Smile Anyway' in his memory," Johansson told lottery officials.