Controversy Erupts Over 'Wonder Woman' Characters Getting Skimpier Outfits in 'Justice League'

Some have pointed out that a key difference between the films is that one was directed by a woman and the other was directed by a man.

A battle is brewing over how costumes of the fierce Amazonian women in Wonder Woman have changed in comparison to their look in the new film, Justice League.

The issue is the costumes in Justice League are much skimpier than how they appeared in the summer's monster hit Wonder Woman

In Wonder Woman, the Amazonian women’s midriffs were covered up with armored plates.

But in Justice League, which premieres Friday, the costumes look more like bikinis, showing off the fighters' toned stomachs and legs.

Fans have taken to social media to vent their frustration, including one who called it a “step backwards.” 

Others have been quick to point out that Wonder Woman was directed by a female, Patti Jenkins, whereas Justice League was directed by a male, Zack Snyder.

“Hey men, what would you wear to fight?" actress Jessica Chastain, who is not in either franchise, tweeted Tuesday. "Hint: don’t expose your vital organs. Ugh, I miss Patty Jenkins.” 

But Brooke Ence, who plays an Amazonian in both films, told Inside Edition that she doesn't have a problem with the change in wardrobe. 

“I felt great in my costumes in Wonder Woman and felt a little more glamorous in Justice League,” she said. “It’s okay for me to feel sexy and beautiful and glamorous.”