Cop Allegedly Groped Woman During Traffic Stop, Pulling Her Over Again Hours Later

Trooper Isaiah Lloyd was investigated by the DA, but no criminal charges have been filed against him.

A Tennessee woman claims she was groped by a state trooper during a routine traffic stop last year.

A state trooper pulled over a woman driving a pickup truck in August 2017. He asked for her license and registration but Patricia Wilson says that what happened next is anything but routine.  

In dashcam footage, the trooper tells her to put her hands on the hood of his cruiser while he frisked her, but she claims the trooper took the opportunity to grope her.

“You can't see underneath the hood of the car, where his hands are, how far in my pants he is and how long it takes him to remove his hands from that area,” she said. 

The trooper then asks Wilson to face him. He asked if she had anything in her bra and she said no. A field sobriety test followed that incident. 

Fifteen minutes passed before the mother of two was issued a ticket for not wearing her seat belt.

She proceeded to drive to work, but it wasn't the last she'd see of the trooper.

Three hours later, he pulled her over again. This time, she says he told her the tint on her car window is too dark and he claimed she was driving erratically.

“I felt like I was harassed and stalked," she told Inside Edition. 

She says she believes the trooper was following her. 

“I knew he was waiting," she said. "When he pulled me over a second time, a quarter of a mile away from my home, that scared me, that's why I felt I was being stalked."

She also believed the trooper was flirting with her.

“When he said, 'We have to stop meeting like this,' I felt like that was a come-on," she said. 

The trooper, Isaiah Lloyd was investigated by the local district attorney, who found his actions were "inconsistent with his training" but there was no "basis for any criminal charge against him."

That explanation is not enough for Wilson. 

“He overstepped his boundaries," she said. "I was completely humiliated." 

The Tennessee Highway Patrol says Trooper Lloyd "conducted this traffic stop in a professional manner." Lloyd also claims he did nothing wrong. 

Wilson is now suing the trooper for $100,000.