Cop Drives Teen to Job Interview After Pulling Him Over

And Kshawn Ballwin landed the job!

Teen Kshawn Ballwin was on his way to a job interview at FedEx last Wednesday when he got pulled over by Officer Roger Gemoules. 

"I was out patrolling the area and I see him driving a vehicle that had a busted-out side window and then I looked at the license plate and saw that it was expired," Gemoules of the Cahokia, Illinois, Police Department told KMOV. 

"I'm going to jail for not having a license. More tickets, more fines, that's all I was thinking about," Ballwin added.

While Ballwin said he knew he shouldn't have been driving a car in that position, he was desperate to land the job at FedEx.

So Gemoules took matters into his own hands. Instead of giving him a ticket, he personally drove Ballwin to the interview.

“Something came upon me. Whatever it was, God said 'give him a little break,' so that’s what I did,” said Gemoules. 

And Ballwin landed the job!


“It’s good to see him get a job, that’s what makes me the happiest,” said Gemoules.