Cop Improvises With Paper and Pencil to Help Non-Verbal Child on Autism Spectrum Find Family

Stockton Police Department

The child and the cop were not named but the story was posted on Stockton Police Department Facebook page.

A California cop is being hailed a hero for finding ways to communicate with a non-verbal child on the autism spectrum who needed to find his family.

The cop went to the scene in Stockton after the Stockton Police Department said a community member notified them of a child near the downtown area who appeared “scared and confused.”

The officer realized the child was non-verbal after reading his bus pass, which noted his health condition, and so the officer used paper and pencil to chat with him to help him find his family.

“Though this form of communication, the officer was able to locate a family member and the child was safely reunited with a relative,” the police department said in a statement.